Ferrari F8 Spider - 885x460

Ferrari F8 Spider

2 seats, 720 horse power, 3.9l, 0-100: 2.9sec

from 700$

per day
Ferrari Roma - 885x460

Ferrari Roma

2 seats, 620 horse power, 3.9l, 0-100: 3.4sec

from 500$

per day
Ferrari Portofino Mansory Taurus - 885x460

Ferrari Portofino Mansory Taurus

2 seats, 720 horse power, 3.9l, 0-100: 3sec

from 470$

per day
Ferrari 296 GTB - 885x460

Ferrari 296 GTB

2 seats, 819 horse power, 3.0l, 0-100: 2.9sec

from 630$

per day
Ferrari SF90 Stradale - 885x460

Ferrari SF90 Stradale

2 seats, 986 horse power, V8 Hybrid, 0-100: 25sec

from 1330$

per day
Ferrari 812 Superfast - 885x460

Ferrari 812 Superfast

2 seats, 789 horse power, 6,5, 0-100: 2.9sec

from 630$

per day
Tesla 3 Performance - 885x460

Tesla 3 Performance

5 seats, 450 horse power, Electro, 0-100: 3.3sec

from 110$

per day
Rolls-Royce Spectre - 885x460

Rolls-Royce Spectre

4 seats, 577 horse power, BMW eDrive, 0-100: 4.5sec

from 1330$

per day
Rolls-Royce Dawn - 885x460

Rolls-Royce Dawn

4 seats, 563 horse power, 6.6l, 0-100: 4.9sec

from 580$

per day
Rolls-Royce Dawn Cabrio Black Badge - 885x460

Rolls-Royce Dawn Cabrio Black Badge

4 seats, 601 horse power, 6.75l, 0-100: 4.6sec

from 670$

per day


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Александр ЗверевАлександр Зверев02/22/2024
5/5 Excellent

(Translated by Google) Everything is clear!

Konstantin BogdanenkoKonstantin Bogdanenko02/14/2024
5/5 Excellent

Thanks a lot for amazing adventure! Absolutely best service and perfect cars! What is a fantastic chance to investigate best cars in the world! After starting should go to east to the mountin roads to feel all they can! Have fun, everybody!

Studio ExtremeTVStudio ExtremeTV01/29/2024
5/5 Excellent

(Translated by Google) Huge selection of cars. Polite staff. Service at the level

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Dubai is a city synonymous with luxury. Tourists often come here to enjoy the nightlife, look at famous skyscrapers, and plunge into the world of high society. But don't think this is a noisy city unsuitable for those who love a quiet and relaxing holiday. In the green Motor City area, you can enjoy the beauty of nature, visit branded stores, and have fun at entertainment centers. Car rental in Motor City will help you maintain freedom of movement and make your trip incredibly comfortable.

Why choose automobile rental in Motor City?

Booking a vehicle will help you remain independent. You can go to the beach or shop anytime and enjoy the city's beauty at night. You don't have to study public transport schedules or call a taxi. By renting a car in Motor City, you will not need to hire a guide and will be able to concentrate only on places that interest you.

You can quickly get to the city center despite the remoteness. Even during rush hour, there is a small amount of traffic, allowing you to enjoy all the beauty of this green corner of Dubai freely.

The second reason car hire in Motor City is worth it is the opportunity to completely immerse yourself in the atmosphere of luxury and prestige. Popular cars are made for Dubai. No matter which model or brand you choose, you can quickly become part of this world.

Famous brands create unique cars, especially for stars, kings, and the elite. It is a unique combination of style, power, and high status, regardless of whether you choose a classic sedan or an exclusive sports model. Modern technologies make driving as simple and safe as possible, and robust engines will surprise even the most experienced motorists.

It is also worth noting that Dubai has an ideal road surface without holes, cracks, or other defects. Even a novice driver will understand the rules of the road. Therefore, Motor City car rental is perfect for those who want to make their vacation comfortable and unforgettable.

Benefits of Trinity Car Rental services in Motor City

If you don't know where to benefit from luxury car rental, pay attention to Trinity Rental's services. Our fleet includes more than 60 models from well-known manufacturers. We offer vehicles with minimal mileage, allowing you to immerse yourself fully in the unique atmosphere of wealth.

One of the main reasons you should decide to hire a car in Motor City from Trinity is the deposit-free option. You only pay the price for renting a fantastic vehicle, thus avoiding additional costs. It is also worth noting that the price includes toll roads. Plus, you will receive a full tank of gas as a gift. It allows you to relax and not worry about anything.

Among the benefits of the company, it is worth highlighting the following points:

  • Increased daily mileage,
  • Possibility to rent a luxury car with driver,
  • 24/7 support from a personal manager,
  • Timely delivery of the vehicle to anywhere in the city,
  • Payment via cash, bank transfer, or cryptocurrency.

The procedure for booking transport is straightforward. You must leave a request on the company's website and agree on all the details with the manager. The VIP auto will wait for you at the specified time. You only need a passport and driver's license to rent a car.

Thanks to Trinity Rental, you can explore Dubai straight from the airport. Take a car in Motor City and go wherever you want.

Places to visit in Motor City

Motor City is a residential area of Dubai that will amaze you with its greenery. There are a considerable number of parks and entertainment places you should visit. And it is best to choose a car rental in Motor City to see all the famous sites. You should also know that this area has a few comfortable public transport connections, and taxis can take quite a long time. Therefore, it is better to rent a car to go and see all the surroundings easily.

There are two beaches near this area: Sufouh and Marina. You can swim, sunbathe, and play active games. These are great places for family holidays and beach parties with friends.

Those who love extreme sports and active recreation should visit the racetrack. It's worth visiting this space to make your vacation more exciting and get a charge of positive emotions.

You can also visit museums and exhibitions. For example, at the Detroit Museum, you can get acquainted with the development of the automobile industry. You may have selected a luxury car, which radically changed the understanding of transport. Tours of the brewery and winery will show you how professionals make your favorite drinks, and a tasting will be a great end to the evening.

Many restaurants and cafés will not leave you hungry. There are themed establishments that will surprise you with national cuisine. For example, you can visit a Thai or Lebanese restaurant. If you want to go shopping, decide on the First Avenue Mall. There, you will find famous brand stores, recreation areas, and a food court.

Motor City is the perfect destination for everyone. There are bars and hookah lounges, gyms, and exhibition centers. Given that it is a residential area, you won't find the vibrant nightlife in Dubai that everyone talks about. But if you take a luxury car, you can quickly go to the center, where nightclubs, discos and noisy parties exist.


  • What kind of car can I rent in Motor City?

    You can choose any luxury car you like. It can be a powerful SUV, a discreet sedan, or a stylish sports car. Trinity offers many exclusive models from famous brands.

  • What is the minimum age for renting a car in Motor City?

    Car rental is available to drivers over 21 years old. You must be 25 years of age or older to reserve sports models.

  • How much does it cost to rent a car in Motor City?

    The cost of the car depends on the brand and booking period. The minimum price starts from $310 per day.

  • Do I need insurance to hire a car in the Motor City?

    The rental price includes basic insurance. To get an extended plan, you need to contact our managers.

  • Is parking available around Motor City?

    Motor City has a huge amount of paid and free parking.

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