Mercedes Brabus XLP 800 6x6 Adventure - 885x460

Mercedes Brabus XLP 800 6x6 Adventure

5 seats, 800 horse power, 4l, 0-100: 5.8sec

from 9170$

per day
Rolls-Royce Cullinan Violet - 885x460

Rolls-Royce Cullinan Violet

5 seats, 600 horse power, 6.7l, 0-100: 5.2sec

from 800$

per day
Mercedes-Maybach S680 Haute Voiture 1/150 - 885x460

Mercedes-Maybach S680 Haute Voiture 1/150

4 seats, 612 horse power, 6l, 0-100: 4.5sec

from 750$

per day
Ferrari 812 Superfast - 885x460

Ferrari 812 Superfast

2 seats, 789 horse power, 6,5, 0-100: 2.9sec

from 630$

per day
Ferrari F8 Spider - 885x460

Ferrari F8 Spider

2 seats, 720 horse power, 3.9l, 0-100: 2.9sec

from 700$

per day
Rolls-Royce Spectre - 885x460

Rolls-Royce Spectre

4 seats, 577 horse power, BMW eDrive, 0-100: 4.5sec

from 1330$

per day
GLS Maybach P600 Mansory - 885x460

GLS Maybach P600 Mansory

4 seats, 600 horse power, 4l, 0-100: 5.3sec

from 420$

per day
Porsche 911 Targa - 885x460

Porsche 911 Targa

2 seats, 385 horse power, 3.0l, 0-100: 4.4sec

from 300$

per day
Rolls-Royce Ghost - 885x460

Rolls-Royce Ghost

4 seats, 571 horse power, 6.8l, 0-100: 4.9sec

from 580$

per day
Ferrari SF90 Stradale - 885x460

Ferrari SF90 Stradale

2 seats, 986 horse power, V8 Hybrid, 0-100: 25sec

from 1330$

per day


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Александр ЗверевАлександр Зверев02/22/2024
5/5 Excellent

(Translated by Google) Everything is clear!

Konstantin BogdanenkoKonstantin Bogdanenko02/14/2024
5/5 Excellent

Thanks a lot for amazing adventure! Absolutely best service and perfect cars! What is a fantastic chance to investigate best cars in the world! After starting should go to east to the mountin roads to feel all they can! Have fun, everybody!

Studio ExtremeTVStudio ExtremeTV01/29/2024
5/5 Excellent

(Translated by Google) Huge selection of cars. Polite staff. Service at the level

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When traveling through a Middle Eastern metropolis, it will take some time to get used to the busy streets and high speeds of transport here. You can use a taxi or traditional public transport to reach your desired location.

Most problems with traveling around the UAE can be solved by car rental in International City. Suppose you know how to drive a car well enough and are comfortable behind the wheel on the busy roads of an International City. In that case, you can get a luxury car for your personal use in minutes without a deposit.

To rent a car in International City, use the Trinity Rental official website. A team of professionals will review your request within a few minutes and provide you with an exclusive VIP car. With its help, you will easily navigate the streets of International City, which is famous for its skyscrapers and oriental hospitality. This popular region is a mix of different styles, bringing together motifs from around the world, and luxury car rental will help you enjoy the unforgettable views in all its glory.

In International City, you should definitely visit the largest shopping center, Dragon Mart, which includes about 4 thousand stores and small shopping areas where you can buy everything you need. Renting a car in International City will provide complete comfort and high speed, and the company guarantees a 10% discount when making your first rental.

When visiting an International City, taking advantage of the opportunity to visit one of the best places for a family vacation is important. Having considered rental options and given preference to the best offers, it’s time to go to Al Warsan Lake, where, at any time of the day, you can take a walk and enjoy the amazing scenery of an International City against the backdrop of an artificial lake.

Why choose car rental in International City?

By choosing a Trinity car rental in International City, you will be content with traveling in a luxury car and will also enjoy straightforward and transparent service conditions:

  • To conclude an agreement, you only need to provide a passport and driver's license;
  • In International City, the car is provided without collateral;
  • Payment is available in cash, bank cards, and cryptocurrency;
  • permissible mileage limit during the day is 300 km.

The company will help you choose vehicles that will make you feel like the owner of an aristocratic car, equipped to meet the highest requirements. International City will have to conquer highways and city blocks in VIP comfort, which is ensured thanks to the most innovative approaches in the field of automotive production.

Before applying for a car reservation, the client can explore the entire park in International City in detail by visiting the company's official website.

Benefits of Trinity Car Rental Services in International City

People visit International City to explore local attractions during vacations or weekends. There are also many people here on business trips regarding business matters. Both will appreciate the positive aspects of International City car rental:

  • The client is provided with a vast fleet of luxury models, including sports cars, SUVs, and minivans;
  • Booking is made online within a few minutes;
  • Thanks to a flexible payment system, customers can pay for a luxury car to travel around an International City daily, weekly, or once a month;
  • No hidden costs or commissions are guaranteed.

Trinity Rental service includes mandatory insurance for risks unrelated to the driver's actions. For clients who feel unsafe driving an expensive car, there is an opportunity to travel around an International City with a personal driver.

Planning a stay in the Emirates should undoubtedly include using a rental service. Only this approach will help turn your trip into an unforgettable event. Driving an exclusive model, you will have time to visit all the places of International City – from exquisite boutiques to simple cafés, where you will be offered the opportunity to taste excellent local cuisine at budget prices.

Places to visit in International City

International City is not one of the areas with many historical attractions. This is a suburb where you can shop for branded electronics stores and supermarkets stocked with Chinese products. Residential areas are named after other countries of the world and are distinguished by their original construction. Having booked a car hire in International City and spent a lot of time behind the wheel of a magnificent sports car or convertible, you will want to have a complete meal in comfortable conditions. In this case, you should go to one of the best restaurants and enjoy savory dishes lovingly prepared by local culinary masters:

  • Shabu-Nine Squares is an expensive establishment in International City that is well worth the investment and offers an amazingly delicious hotpot.
  • Le Jardin is a place that provides a cozy environment and delicious, cost-effective Arabic-style cuisine.
  • Thai Sabai is a restaurant remembered for its professional and excellent service. Fans of authentic Thai cuisine love to come here.
  • Sushi Ya is a Japanese restaurant you should visit around International City. It is a great place to taste amazingly delicious sushi.

Clients who have experienced the opportunity to rent a car in International City admire not only the excellent service but also the originality of the region, which manages to surprise with its bright colors and evokes the romantic mood of the modern era.


  • What types of cars are available in International City?

    Among the cars offered to tenants at International City are exclusive models, premium cars, convertibles, electric cars, and sports cars.

  • What is the minimum age for renting a car in International City?

    Regular car rentals in International City are available to customers over 21. People at least 25 years old can use the sports car rental service.

  • How much does it cost to rent a car in International City?

    Costs for renting luxury cars in International City range from $300 to $900 per day, while you can rent a comfortable sedan for $110 per day. You can view the price offers in detail on the Trinity Rental official website.

  • Is insurance required to rent a car in International City?

    The company issues comprehensive insurance. Under its terms, damages incurred due to events unrelated to the client's actions are compensated.

  • Is parking available around International City?

    Using car rental services in International City, drivers can park in paid and free parking lots.

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