BMW X7 40i - 885x460

BMW X7 40i

7 seats, 340 horse power, 3l, 0-100: 6sec

from 170$

per day
Lamborghini Urus - 885x460

Lamborghini Urus

5 seats, 650 horse power, 4l, 0-100: 3.6sec

from 530$

per day
Tesla 3 Performance - 885x460

Tesla 3 Performance

5 seats, 450 horse power, Electro, 0-100: 3.3sec

from 110$

per day
Mercedes S580 w223 - 885x460

Mercedes S580 w223

5 seats, 503 horse power, 4l, 0-100: 4.4sec

from 300$

per day
Audi RS6 Mansory - 885x460

Audi RS6 Mansory

5 seats, 730 horse power, 4l, 0-100: 3.2sec

from 370$

per day
Ferrari Roma - 885x460

Ferrari Roma

2 seats, 620 horse power, 3.9l, 0-100: 3.4sec

from 500$

per day
Rolls-Royce Spectre - 885x460

Rolls-Royce Spectre

4 seats, 577 horse power, BMW eDrive, 0-100: 4.5sec

from 1330$

per day
Range Rover Vogue Autobiography - 885x460

Range Rover Vogue Autobiography

5 seats, 530 horse power, 4.4l, 0-100: 4.8sec

from 380$

per day
Range Rover Sport First Edition - 885x460

Range Rover Sport First Edition

5 seats, 530 horse power, 4.4l, 0-100: 4.5sec

from 310$

per day
Porsche 911 turbo S - 885x460

Porsche 911 turbo S

2 seats, 650 horse power, 3.8l, 0-100: 2.8sec

from 470$

per day


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Александр ЗверевАлександр Зверев02/22/2024
5/5 Excellent

(Translated by Google) Everything is clear!

Konstantin BogdanenkoKonstantin Bogdanenko02/14/2024
5/5 Excellent

Thanks a lot for amazing adventure! Absolutely best service and perfect cars! What is a fantastic chance to investigate best cars in the world! After starting should go to east to the mountin roads to feel all they can! Have fun, everybody!

Studio ExtremeTVStudio ExtremeTV01/29/2024
5/5 Excellent

(Translated by Google) Huge selection of cars. Polite staff. Service at the level

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Dubai is a city known for its glamour, the world's best restaurants, nightclubs (basically, everything is the best), and endless opportunities to enjoy one's time. The city boasts numerous neighborhoods that offer unique experiences. Among these, there's one that stands out from the crowd the most: Hor Al Anz.

The famous and elite Hor Al Anz district is a glorious and culturally rich location that provides the top locations for travelers, visitors of the city, and all people seeking elite adventures. Hor Al Anz offers a glimpse into the heart of Dubai's local culture.

Thus, it's a perfect destination to combine the VIP experience with a touch of local culture. However, we recommend that every visitor in comfort consider an elite vehicle rent in Hor Al Anz to fully experience the sights in this packed-with-opportunities neighborhood.

Why choose car hire in Hor Al Anz?

Hor Al Anz is in Dubai's Deira neighborhood. It's an exciting fusion of cultures, traditions, and experiences, so the location is worth visiting. This exciting neighborhood has many attractions to explore, including older buildings with interesting architecture and modern shopping malls that attract luxury brands.

Using a luxury car to visit such a district like is only natural. First, you're not tied to any other person regarding your movements. For example, you don't have to wait for a cab to arrive. Second, you're more free in your explorations when you hire a car in Hor Al Anz. You can take a ride to visit one place, park the vehicle, visit a few locations, and then go on a small tour again.

Simply put, rеnting a car in Hor Al Anz gives you the freedom and flexibility to explore its busy streets and hidden jewels at your leisure. Moreover, luxury car rental in Hor Al Anz is not just for tourists; this group of customers is the most prevalent one.

People on a business trip to this city may also benefit from vehicle rental. We have a great fleet of cars that may benefit people planning a business trip and require comfort.

Additionally, Hor Al Anz car rental could do wonders for people who have always wanted to test a cool auto but couldn't find a perfect opportunity. You can rent a vehicle and enjoy not only Hor Al Anz but also the experience of driving the car you've always wanted to test.

Overall, auto rental provides comfort and freedom to move around as you wish. A hired automobile lets you quickly visit iconic monuments without the annoying limits of public transportation timetables. Therefore, one may explore all known and less-known locations at Hor Al Anz while enjoying the comfort of an amazing luxury car in the UAE.

Benefits of Trinity Car Rental services in Hor Al Anz

Trinity Rental offers a wide selection of vehicles to suit every preference when staying at Hor Al Anz. Our fleet has something for everyone, whether you're looking for a sports vehicle for solo adventures or a spacious SUV for family and friends' outings.

Here are some of the benefits of renting from Trinity Rental:

  • Choose from various vehicles, including sports cars, luxury well-known brands, and SUVs. All these options are maintained to the highest standards for your comfort and safety.
  • Enjoy flexible rental periods at Hor Al Anz tailored to your schedule. It's a perfect option whether you need an auto for a day, a week, or longer.
  • Trinity Rental offers affordable options. This is true, especially when renting a car for a longer period. Here's an example: 2020 BMW X7 40i rental costs $330 per day when you choose 1-3 days. However, choosing a 15-29 day period reduces the price to $230 per day!
  • Convenience and accessibility when renting and paying. Our user-friendly online booking platform makes booking your vehicle in advance easy. We also accept all types of payments, including cryptocurrency.

Additionally, we want our clients to feel comfortable. We don't ask for a deposit, only the payment for a rental period. We provide a full tank of fuel as a present and a personal manager.

Places to visit in Hor Al Anz

So, now, the most important part: what places to visit? Here are a few ideas to explore:

  • Zouzou Restaurant (Lebanese and Mediterranean cuisine),
  • KUKU Restaurant and lounge (for a modern experience),
  • Yuraku (Japanese cuisine and barbeque),
  • Calicut Notebook (spicy Indian and Asian cuisine),
  • Cardamom (Asian food),
  • Trèsind Dubai (MICHELIN star restaurant with Indian and contemporary food).

You may also visit Hor Al Anz Park, Al-Mulla Plaza, and a popular Hor Al Anz Souq (a traditional market). Overall, car rental in Hor Al Anz could be useful to visit any of these locations and more.


  • What types of cars are available in Hor Al Anz?

    All types of vehicle are available: sedans, SUVs, cabrios and many more.

  • What is the minimum agе for rеnting a car in Hor Al Anz?

    The minimum age is 21, but 25 if you want to rent a sports car.

  • How much does it cost to rent a car in Hor Al Anz?<

    The price depends on the rental period and the vehicle.

  • Is insurance required to hire a car in Hor Al Anz?

    We provide standard insurance for all our clients. You may learn more by contacting the support team.

  • Is parking available around Hor Al Anz?

    Yes, there are numerous places to park a car.

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