Lamborghini Huracan Sterrato - 885x460

Lamborghini Huracan Sterrato

2 seats, 610 horse power, 5.2l, 0-100: 3.4sec

from 1080$

per day
Mclaren 750S Spider - 885x460

Mclaren 750S Spider

2 seats, 740 horse power, 4.0l, 0-100: 2.8sec

from 820$

per day
Rolls-Royce Cullinan Violet - 885x460

Rolls-Royce Cullinan Violet

5 seats, 600 horse power, 6.7l, 0-100: 5.2sec

from 800$

per day
Mercedes G63 AMG Black matte - 885x460

Mercedes G63 AMG Black matte

5 seats, 585 horse power, 4l, 0-100: 4.5sec

from 380$

per day
Mercedes-Maybach S680 Haute Voiture 1/150 - 885x460

Mercedes-Maybach S680 Haute Voiture 1/150

4 seats, 612 horse power, 6l, 0-100: 4.5sec

from 750$

per day
Rolls-Royce Ghost Mansory - 885x460

Rolls-Royce Ghost Mansory

4 seats, 592 horse power, 6.7l, 0-100: 4.6sec

from 580$

per day
Cadillac Escalade Luxury - 885x460

Cadillac Escalade Luxury

7 seats, 426 horse power, 6.2l, 0-100: 6.7sec

from 180$

per day
Ferrari 296 GTS - 885x460

Ferrari 296 GTS

2 seats, 830 horse power, 3.0l, 0-100: 2.9sec

from 700$

per day
Ferrari 812 Superfast - 885x460

Ferrari 812 Superfast

2 seats, 789 horse power, 6,5, 0-100: 2.9sec

from 630$

per day
Audi R8 Spyder performance - 885x460

Audi R8 Spyder performance

2 seats, 620 horse power, 5.2l, 0-100: 2.9sec

from 370$

per day


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Александр ЗверевАлександр Зверев02/22/2024
5/5 Excellent

(Translated by Google) Everything is clear!

Konstantin BogdanenkoKonstantin Bogdanenko02/14/2024
5/5 Excellent

Thanks a lot for amazing adventure! Absolutely best service and perfect cars! What is a fantastic chance to investigate best cars in the world! After starting should go to east to the mountin roads to feel all they can! Have fun, everybody!

Studio ExtremeTVStudio ExtremeTV01/29/2024
5/5 Excellent

(Translated by Google) Huge selection of cars. Polite staff. Service at the level

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Jumeirah Beach Residence (JBR) is a haven of luxury on Dubai's coastline. Its pristine beaches with white sand, best dining establishments, and an overall luxurious atmosphere make it a must-visit destination, whether you're on a short trip to the UAE or will stay for a while.

But here's a thing: consider renting a luxury car to experience Jumeirah Beach Residence's glamour fully. After all, a person can't experience true luxury in this amazing city without enjoying a ride in an elite vehicle.

Why choose car rental in Jumeirah Beach Residence?

Car rental in Jumeirah Beach Residence, especially a luxury model, unlocks many advantages perfectly suited to the area's upper-class “mood”.Jumeirah Beach Residence has a lot of great places to visit in a relatively secluded space. It has a picturesque coastline and bustling areas where people explore the city while driving VIP cars.

Simply put, a luxury car rental in Jumeirah Beach Residence ensures a seamless and stylish mode of transportation, whether you're a tourist seeking a weekend getaway or a discerning traveler on a business venture in the city.

Cruising around the scenic boulevards and coastal roads of Jumeirah Beach Residence becomes more memorable with the comfort and convenience afforded by a premium vehicle. A rented VIP car provides the freedom to explore all of Jumeirah Beach Residence attractions at your own pace. Thus, you don't have to rely on any third party and instead get the maximum enjoyment with every excursion.

Furthermore, Jumeirah Beach Residence provides various entertainment options, including world-class dining places (restaurants, bars, and nightclubs), fashionable boutiques with the best brands, and exciting seaside cafés. Arriving in a luxury car complements Jumeirah Beach Residence's elite scenery and improves anyone's mood, even if it's already positive.

Benefits of Trinity Car Rental services in Jumeirah Beach Residence

At Jumeirah Beach Residence Trinity Rental offers an exclusive fleet of vehicles designed to cater to every preference. Enjoy flexible rental periods, payments without unnecessary deposits, and personalized services. Overall, here's what you get when using our services at the gorgeous JBR:

  • A great selection of luxury brands. Choose from a diverse range of 60+ elite vehicles. We have all imaginable and unimaginable options you've dreamt of testing on a highway.
  • Flexible conditions and rental schedules. Whether you're planning a short-term visit or an extended stay in Jumeirah Beach Residence, we have all the necessary options. You can book a car for a day, a week, a month, or even longer.
  • No deposit payments. We prioritize the convenience of our clients, so we only request a payment; additional deposits won't be necessary.
  • Get personalized assistance and expert guidance. We have a dedicated manager that guarantees an enjoyable rental experience and can help if questions or problems arise.

Moreover, we also accept different types of payments, including bank cards, cash, and cryptocurrency. The Jumeirah Beach Residence car rental at Trinity is one of the best options because we provide maximum convenience for all our clients. For example, you get a full fuel tank as a gift. You can also expect a personal manager for your vehicle rental affairs, even if you rent it just for one day.

Places to visit in Jumeirah Beach Residence

So, what exciting places should you visit? Here are some fun ideas once you complete a car hire in Jumeirah Beach Residence:

  • The Beach at JBR. As we mentioned at least twice, Jumeirah Beach Residence has a great coastline and a pristine beach. Thus, we recommend visiting it at least once.
  • Bluewaters Island. This beautiful place has a legendary Ain Dubai observation wheel. Thus, if you want to see the entire city as if it's in the palm of your hand, this visit is simply a must. The island also has other attractions, like shopping malls and luxurious restaurants.
  • The Walk. Here, you can enjoy a relaxing stroll along this beautiful boulevard. If a walk sounds boring, then combine it with a visit to boutiques, cafés, and bars that this place provides.
  • Dubai Marina. Dubai Marina's skyline is an architectural wonder you may enjoy. You may also indulge in a cruise along the Marina's serene waters.
  • Dubai Marina Mall. If you like shopping, definitely check out this gorgeous destination with hops that provide access to luxury brands.

Overall, there are many more options to explore in Jumeirah Beach Residence. We do recommend experiencing such opulence by hiring a car in Jumeirah Beach Residence.


  • What types of cars are available in Jumeirah Beach Residence?

    All 60+ VIP car brands are rentable at JBR. You can choose a sports car or an SUV.

  • What is the minimum agе for rеnting a car in Jumeirah Beach Residence?

    The standard age is 21+ and one year of driving experience. Renting a sports car means that you must be 25+

  • How much does it cost to hire a car in Jumeirah Beach Residence?

    The price depends on several factors, like the vehicle's brand and the rental period. The more luxurious the brand, the higher the price. However, the price gets lower if you choose a longer rental period.

  • Is insurance required to rent a car in Jumeirah Beach Residence?

    We provide standard insurance for all our clients.

  • Is parking available around Jumeirah Beach Residence?

    Yes, there are parking spaces at JBR where you can leave your car.

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