Porsche 911 turbo S - 885x460

Porsche 911 turbo S

2 seats, 650 horse power, 3.8l, 0-100: 2.8sec

from 470$

per day
Porsche 911 Stinger GTR 1/7 carbon - 885x460

Porsche 911 Stinger GTR 1/7 carbon

2 seats, 650 horse power, 3.7l, 0-100: 2.8sec

from 920$

per day
Ferrari F8 Spider - 885x460

Ferrari F8 Spider

2 seats, 720 horse power, 3.9l, 0-100: 2.9sec

from 700$

per day
Ferrari 296 GTB - 885x460

Ferrari 296 GTB

2 seats, 819 horse power, 3.0l, 0-100: 2.9sec

from 630$

per day
McLaren 720S - 885x460

McLaren 720S

2 seats, 720 horse power, 4l, 0-100: 2.9sec

from 620$

per day
Audi R8 Spyder performance - 885x460

Audi R8 Spyder performance

2 seats, 620 horse power, 5.2l, 0-100: 2.9sec

from 370$

per day
Ferrari 812 Superfast - 885x460

Ferrari 812 Superfast

2 seats, 789 horse power, 6,5, 0-100: 2.9sec

from 630$

per day
Ferrari Portofino Mansory Taurus - 885x460

Ferrari Portofino Mansory Taurus

2 seats, 720 horse power, 3.9l, 0-100: 3sec

from 470$

per day
McLaren Artura - 885x460

McLaren Artura

2 seats, 671 horse power, 3l, 0-100: 3sec

from 550$

per day
Lamborghini Huracan EVO - 885x460

Lamborghini Huracan EVO

2 seats, 640 horse power, 5.2l, 0-100: 3sec

from 450$

per day


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Александр ЗверевАлександр Зверев02/22/2024
5/5 Excellent

(Translated by Google) Everything is clear!

Konstantin BogdanenkoKonstantin Bogdanenko02/14/2024
5/5 Excellent

Thanks a lot for amazing adventure! Absolutely best service and perfect cars! What is a fantastic chance to investigate best cars in the world! After starting should go to east to the mountin roads to feel all they can! Have fun, everybody!

Studio ExtremeTVStudio ExtremeTV01/29/2024
5/5 Excellent

(Translated by Google) Huge selection of cars. Polite staff. Service at the level

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Dubai is a city of pleasure and wealth. Many come here to enjoy the atmosphere of splendor, plunge into the unique nightlife, and feel like they are the world's ruler. Dubai is famous not only for its deserts and skyscrapers but also its large shopping centers.

Dubai Mall is more than just a place with shops. It is an entire area with high-end boutiques, restaurants, and entertainment venues. You need a car rental in Dubai Mall to relax and feel the great atmosphere completely. It is best to choose a luxury car. First, this is a unique opportunity to get behind the wheel of a world-famous auto. And the second point: by booking a VIP class automobile, you can temporarily become part of this elite life.

Why choose car rental in Dubai Mall?

Of course, you can get around the city by taxi or public transport. But this takes a significant part of the time. In addition, such trips are only sometimes comfortable, especially for strangers. There are excursions to the famous area. But you will have to depend on the whole group. And renting a car in Dubai Mall is the best way to enjoy this area's splendor.

By deciding on a prestigious vehicle, you can explore the entire area's luxury at your own pace. You do not need to adapt to anyone or be distracted by strangers. You will manage your own time.

The second reason you must rent a car in Dubai Mall is the high comfort level. Exclusive brands create machines for celebrities and kings. You will find a minimum of plastic inside the vehicle. Genuine leather, wood, and handmade elements can surround you. It is also worth noting that such machines are mighty. It is an ideal option for those who have always dreamed of curbing a robust SUV or wanted to appreciate the roar of a sports engines. At the same time, the vehicle is distinguished by a high level of safety and perfect handling. You don't need extensive driving experience to rent a car in Dubai Mall. Modern technologies make operating the machine as simple as possible.

Luxury car rental is needed to become part of a rich and deluxe life in Dubai Mall. In this city, everything speaks of elitism and prestige. It would be stupid not to take advantage of the opportunity to become part of this world. When choosing a luxury machine, you can immediately enjoy this atmosphere.

Benefits of Trinity Car Rental services in Dubai Mall

If you are looking for a car hire in Dubai Mall, pay attention to Trinity. The company's fleet includes more than 60 pleasure vehicles with minimal mileage. You can decide on Porsche, Audi, BMW, Rolls-Royce, Mercedes, or another premium model that will emphasize your status and make the train ride unforgettable.

The main reasons to choose Trinity Rental are:

  • high level of service;
  • a personal manager for each client;
  • a full tank of gasoline as a gift;
  • possibility to hire an automobile with a driver;
  • no deposit;
  • increased daily mileage (300 kilometers).

The company delivers the vehicle at the specified time to where you say. You won't need to look for a taxi or understand public transport schedules. You can immediately get behind the wheel of a luxury car as soon as you arrive in the city and begin an exciting journey from the first minutes of your stay in Dubai. Furthermore, you can pay for car rental in Dubai Mall in cash, by bank transfer, or cryptocurrency.

For Dubai Mall car rental, you need a minimum set of documents. A passport and driver's license are enough to book prestigious transport. You only need to select an automobile on the company's website and provide a contact phone number. The manager will call you back to clarify all the details.

Places to visit in Dubai Mall

Dubai Mall is the place where you will find everything. This unique location can amaze you with many shops, pleasure restaurants, and memorable places. The first thing you should visit is Burj Khalifa. It is the most famous skyscraper and offers incredible views. Photos from this location can take their rightful place in the album of your memories.

The Dubai Mall has a fantastic water zoo. It is a particular structure where you can watch sharks, stingrays, fish, and other marine inhabitants. A waterfall with figures is something that will amaze you. This large structure not only pleases with the freshness of the water but also surprises with its monumentality.

If you want to feel like a participant in the Olympic Games and master skating, renting a car in Dubai Mall is what you need. There is a huge ice skating rink, and all the necessary equipment can be rented. This location is accessible to regular speed skaters and those just starting to get acquainted with this sport.

If you are traveling with children, then the Dubai Mall has a space where they can learn any profession. The giant children's area contains various attractions and swings. But there are other advantages. Here, your kids will be able to learn the basics of all popular professions and try on the role of a fireman, policeman, or doctor.

Visiting a Dubai Mall can be transported to another reality. With the help of virtual reality, you ride a roller coaster, try to survive the zombie apocalypse, or become a fighter pilot. In this location, everyone will find an option that suits them perfectly.


  • What types of cars are available in Dubai Mall?

    You can hire a VIP class vehicle. Trinity Rental's fleet includes sports autos, sedans, SUVs, and convertibles with minimal mileage.

  • What is the minimum agе for rеnting a car in Dubai Mall?

    You can book a regular vehicle if you are over 21. To book a sports model, you must be 25 or older.

  • How much does it cost to rent a car in in Dubai Mall?

    The price depends on the type of vehicle and rental period. The minimum cost starts from $130 per day. When booking an auto for a long time, the one-day rental fee is less.

  • Is insurance required to rent a car in Dubai Mall?

    The cost of renting includes a standard insurance package.

  • Is parking available around Dubai Mall?

    The Mall has a vast parking lot. It is free when using a parking space for up to three hours. Parking for more than three hours must be paid according to the tariff.

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